Minimize Behavioral Changes

Learn how to set up activities that are of interest and the appropriate skill level based on your loved one's interests and inclination.  Challenging behaviors are often reduced when appropriate activities are well implemented. 

Decrease Depression & Anxiety


Multiple studies have shown that by engaging in structured activities that allow for success, symptoms of depression and anxiety can be reduced.


Improve Self Esteem

 Those with physical or cognitive issues still have a need to feel mastery in their lives. We all have a need to feel useful, purposeful, and successful. Self-esteem can often still be built if activities are appropriately set up and are well implemented. 

Mental and Social Stimulation


Activities that engage the brain are good for all of us.  They can facilitate positive social interaction.  If your loved one or client does not have the opportunity to interact with others, they can feel lonely and isolated.


Improve Sleep Habits


If a Ioved one or client/resident sits in a chair all day without participating in any activities, they will likely fall asleep several times throughout the day which can interrupt sleep patterns at night. Engaging them in meaningful activities can greatly improve their sleep habits.