Overview video of all the Caregiver Keys.


“Very helpful! Lots of new info to put to use."

Dianne M.

Video snippet of Caregiver Key: FOUNDATION

 "My grandmother had dementia and I recall how difficult it was sometimes to respond to her confusing statements.  What I found most helpful about this presentation was the great response ideas that can be used to counteract the tough statements made by those with dementia.  For example, when the demented person states “Where am I supposed to be?”, you can offer “You are supposed to be right here with me!”'

Stephanie Havener
Beacon Hospice

Video snippet of Caregiver Key: ROLES


"Real good thoughts and put together really well! God bless you!!

Nancy C.

Video snippet of Caregiver Key: ENVIRONMENT


"Very useful and thought provoking information. A must for any caregiver!"

Joy R.

Video snippet of Caregiver Key: COMMUNICATION


"Debra has such a down to earth approach and communications style, I found her using actual experiences very beneficial. One example was in the early stages of dementia, when your loved one is still able to make choices about their care, you should visit nursing homes and apply to three that she likes to get on the waiting list. In NH their will not be enough beds for all of the Baby Boomers, so planning early is important."

Randy Lowenburg
Northwestern Mutual

Video snippet of Caregiver Key: SURVIVAL


"Useful information for professionals and caregivers alike. Simple, easy to follow presentation with helpful information, tips and skills to use with those we care for."

Nichole V.